Bug Fixes: List of Changes

Bug Fixes: List of Changes

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Get ready to don your virtual gorilla suit and explore the exciting additions that await you in this thrilling update of Gorilla Tag game:

Improved Movement Mechanics:

The update brings enhancements to the movement mechanics, allowing players to swing, climb, and jump with even greater precision and fluidity. The improved controls and responsiveness further immerse players in the exhilarating sensation of being a nimble gorilla swinging through the trees. With refined mechanics, you'll have more control over your movements, leading to thrilling and dynamic gameplay.

Customization and Unlockable Rewards:

Express your personal style with a range of new customization options for your gorilla avatar. Unlockable rewards, including unique skins, accessories, and emotes, provide a sense of progression and allow you to stand out among your primate peers. Show off your individuality and make a statement as you traverse the jungle canopy.